Good Morning,
Mr Bewick

A Journey in Three Parts


Good Morning, Mr Bewick, is a conversation between Mark Fairnington and Thomas Bewick, two artists from different eras. Join them on a journey through the Northumbrian countryside as they engage in a speculative dialogue about their work, inspiration, and creative processes.

This journey celebrates the interplay between past and present and reminds us of the timeless beauty that can be found in both art and the natural world.

Mark Fairnington

A contemporary painter
1957 -
Mark Fairnington’s landscape paintings began as a commission in 2018 for Cherryburn, the birthplace of Thomas Bewick, reflecting the landscape, its history and Bewick’s work.

Thomas Bewick

An English wood-engraver and natural history author
1753 - 1828
His Tale pieces depicted the lives of people in Northumberland, they are full of life and movement, often with a moral, sometimes with humour, always with sympathy and precise observation. 

Bewick and Fairnington's journey is divided into three parts.
They can be experienced in any order.